Three Steps To More Satisfying Relationships

     The Law of Attraction is limited to orchestrating the same script over and over as long as it just has the ‘DON'T want' script. We need to include some NEW MATERIAL for the Law of Attraction to deal with.

      In your relationships, what do you really want? What about safety? Affection, perhaps? Is it possible to be loyal? Is it possible to be friends? Is it possible to communicate? What are you talking about?

 Do you ever wonder why you seem to keep drawing the same people into your life?

 Are you tired of being let down by ‘love'?

 Have you ever been caught off guard by someone you assumed was a friend?

 Do you wish you could find the one special person with whom you could spend the rest of your life?

Here are three steps you should take to attract more fulfilling relationships:

 Step 1: Make a detailed list of all the aspects or situations from your previous relationships that you DO NOT WANT to go through again. For this exercise, you can use the T-toolTM or simply draw a big ‘T' on a fresh sheet of paper.

 Label the left-hand column with the words "I Don't Want" and the right-hand column with the words "I Do Want."

 Inquire to your Inner Self to remind you of incidents from the past that you do not want to replay.

 Write a few words about each case that capture the essence of the occasion.

Step 2: Look over each thing on the "I DON'T want..." side and ask yourself, "If I don't want this, what DO I want?"

 We fail to use the comparison found in those unpleasant events to get specific about what we DO want, which is one of the main reasons why we keep attracting the same unsatisfactory relationships.

 Step 3: Create a script that describes how you DO want your relationships to be:

 The Law of Attraction is limited to orchestrating the ‘DON'T want' Script over and over as long as that is all it has. We need to include some NEW MATERIAL for the Law of Attraction to deal with.

 Scripting allows you to use all four areas of the brain.

The left hemisphere of the brain, which is concerned with words and logic;

The right hemisphere of the brain, which comprehends patterns and symbols;

The emotion-processing center of the brain; and

The brain stem is the part of the brain that registers physical stimulus.

     We use our right and mid-brain when we write a script that begins with a phrase like “If I had my way...” and then uses our imagination to create something that feels good to us. We have a thought or a feeling, and we use the left brain to translate it into terms that reflect the thought or feeling (right brain again). Writing the Script engages the body, causing the brain stem to register.

 A strong message is sent to the Universe when all four parts of the brain are engaged.

“And do this in ways that are for my highest good and the highest good of all involved,” I like to end my Scripts. This is an expression that encourages me to let go of "HOW" things can happen and trust the Law of Attraction to do so in the most effective way possible.

 Keep in mind that the Law of Attraction attracts just what we vibrate. So, if we want to have more fulfilling relationships, we must change our dominant vibration to fit the interactions we WANT to have.


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