Kent lorry chaos could get WORSE: Army is performing as little as 200 tests an hour - meaning 10,000 stranded truckers

 Airport - and test staff arrived at the port to set up yet another new wading center in an attempt to get them across the canal for Christmas. 






Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron last night signed an agreement to allow truckers to enter France with a 30-minute negative coronavirus test after two days of blocking oticaosis following the French president's fears of Covid-19's new super-infection strain sweeping over throughout the UK and other countries. 




The Road Transport Association said the chaos is likely to continue until Boxing Day, with between 100 and 300 tests per hour in Manston amid estimates between 8,000 and 10,000 late trucks now in Kent. 




The main hotspot in Kent today was at the Port of Dover, where drivers angrily blocked the entrance as they were not allowed to cross the canal without a negative coronavirus test from the UK government. 




To get this test - self-driving - they had to drive 29km to Manston, which is already filled with 3,800 truckers who also collided with police today and exploded from the scene in clashes with officers. 




However, an additional test site was set up this afternoon at the entrance to Dover Harbor, although the intersection was blocked by vans and cars, with some even parking in the wrong direction. Other centers have also been set up in Dreamland theme park in Margate and on the M20 towards Folkestone. 




The first testers arrived in Dover just before 3pm today when four police cars escorted nine vehicles driven by doctors into a car park. Officers were seen talking to three women wearing disposable blue face masks and high-waisted jackets with the NHS Test and Trace logo before heading towards the port's passenger reception. 




of truck drivers trying to reach their home on the mainland tried to walk out in front of officers guarding the port of Dover this morning. 


At one point, several of them advanced against a line of Kent police who were forced to dismiss them as days of seething anger over the chaotic situation in the midst of the pandemic. Some drivers apparently showed police negative results, but an officer said many of them were "fake test sheets. "


Tensions also boiled over at Manston Airport, where truck drivers whose trucks were held staged a protest, knocking down fences and blocking roads. About 150 members of the armed forces and NHS personnel are working to administer the Covid-19 tests at the airport, which are given to drivers in their taxis for self-administration under supervision. 




The result will then be communicated to the driver via text message or e-mail to identify him via his license plate. To date, no lorries have crossed the English Channel at sea, although the Eurotunnel train line has reopened at Folkestone. 



Earlier, collisions between drivers and police flared up again in Dover when police moved vehicles away from the driveway to make way for the test center. A driver lay on the ground to stop a truck that had previously left a ferry from Calais to leave Dover with about 50 drivers involved in an eruption. 



At present, there were more than 5,000 trucks in three traffic management operations in Kent. New trucks arriving at Manston, a disused former military airfield, headed for Operation Brock on the M20, where 610 vehicles were waiting. Another 632 were placed in Operation Stack on the same highway. 


It comes as Community Secretary Robert Jenrick warned that it could take "a few days" to clear the accumulation of trucks waiting to cross the English Channel. He had originally said that he expected heavy vehicles to start crossing this morning. 



But truck drivers at the driveway have honked and shouted in protest of being stuck. Standing in small groups, they shouted "we want to go home" as they tried to protect themselves from heavy rain and strong winds. 


Finally, an agreement was reached with France last night after President Macron introduced a ban on arriving in Britain on Sunday, which has since seen thousands of trucks stranded in Kent and unable to cross the canal. 





The deal requires that all drivers have undergone coronavirus testing with controversial lateral flow tests, which can change results in less than an hour, but its effectiveness has been questioned. 



But experts warned that the UK was still facing an uphill climb to screen 6,000 drivers a day for coronavirus, with the International Road Transport Union warning that even a 30-minute test would be "absolutely a disaster". 


Kent police said a man was arrested in Dover today for obstructing a road and being detained, adding that there were "riots involving people in both Dover and the DfT-operated truck detention facility in Manston. ”. 




A Dover Port spokesman said no trucks had yet been able to pass through the port and could not say how long it would take to clear the delay.




And officials from Eurotunnel said that the first trucks started arriving at the Folkestone terminal at 8 a. m. today, adding that all drivers should use the M20 and join the queue at the coastal lanes there. 




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