Fear and loss ,,, city of Sifar

The city of Sifar, or the lost city in the Algerian desert,(سيفار )
the city of Sifar, the largest cave city in the world, is located in Tassili, the state of Illizi, in our great south. The area of ​​the city is equal to the size of the country of Jordan, and no creature knows what is inside it ... And physical monuments and rock writings dating back to the Paleolithic period, which suggested to researchers that this is evidence either of a relative density in the population, or that these people have resided for a long period of time in that place, and among these important desert places that settled In it, the primitive man, the Tassili region, which is located in the southeast of Algeria, which has known a great civilization that included the Central Sahara and extended its radiance to parts of Africa.
It has been inhabited by humans since the beginning of history. It was a natural refuge for protection from monsters and predators.


Everyone knows that the city of Sifar in Tassili, Algeria, contains more than five thousand cave houses and more than 15 thousand frescoes and inscriptions, dating back more than 20 thousand years.
The eighth wonder of the world ...
The city of Sivar is the only triad in the world that is on land, and the other two in the oceans, from which we mention the most famous triad, which is the Bermuda Triangle ...
Also called the caves of the jinn or the caves of the devil 


From the great desert of Algeria  ,,,
Sivar is the largest cave city in the world
The lost city has a history of 20,000 years, which means the oldest civilization in the world,,,,
Be careful, the city of Sifar is haunted by the jinn.,,Sivar is the striking city in the depths of history, a city forbidden to enter.The city of Sivar was visited by Aleister Crowley, the greatest magician in the world, in the 1930s, after his visit to the pyramids of Egypt ....
Cevar came, and then the rest of the world came
A city with more than one mystery is very mysterious and after visiting it, it will become more mysterious.
Welcome to our lost city in southern Algeria, Sivar, the city of humans and monsters








From the great desert of Algeria
Sivar is the largest cave city in the world
The lost city has a history of 20,00in the world

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